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Welcome to Redress Laboratory, a sustainable, circular fashion brand in London where we sell clothes of all sorts, be it women fashion, or men's outfits. Our clothes are sustainable, circular fashion brand which aims to make new products from the material we recover, and the cycle itself is renewable. Our products can be returned and remade again and again. To find out what we have in stock, contact us through our booking form.

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We aim to give our customers satisfaction at all times. With this in mind, we not only stock a wide range of clothing but also accessories such as women's bags and handbags, men's wallets, belts, scarves, and more in store. We do this in order to make sure that if you want to be well dressed, you can find all you need in our shop. Our aim is for you to not have to travel from one store to another to get your clothing needs.


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100 Clement’s Road, Bermondsey